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need ideas

2011-01-23 13:58:49 by Kodomo-no-kaminari

I need some video ideas... I'm not good at games but videos are a different story.
This video I'll do my best on! Does anyone have any ideas?

need ideas


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2011-01-23 19:52:11

i have an idea, have you ever heard "Somewhere only we Know" by Keane?? you should make a music video with that song, may be a love story or a frienship story between a boy and a girl.}

I hope you take my idea in consideration ... by the way i added you as one of my favorite artists ..

Kodomo-no-kaminari responds:

I like the song! I'll think about it. I need to find some time in my schedule.


2011-01-31 20:31:31

Is there any way I can help? :|

Kodomo-no-kaminari responds:

idk. what are you good at?


2011-02-01 09:55:47

Maybe you could take away a trait of your original character(ex: purple hair),
Then go through a story on how he/she found the right hair color. (char dev)

With the backbone(plot) in you might find the story easier to shape.
You swim faster pushing off the wall, ya know?

Kodomo-no-kaminari responds:

good idea, thanks!